Friday, 13 March 2015

Why The World Would Be Better If TWICE The Movie Gets Made!

She's talking about a love Revolution!.. 4 days to go and #Twice Sarah Arlen's first feature film is getting close to its target on Kickstarter... Can you help with a few $ / £ or € to get it over the line? I so want to help Sarah​ get her movie 'Twice' made. One because she is a very dear friend who is a fantastic person and I wish great things for her. Two because she's a unique filmmaker with a genuinely original way of seeing and thinking about things. Three because it's time that poly people got to see their kind of love story up on screen. And four because I think it feels like an opportunity. I'm not poly but I want to stand in solidarity with my poly brothers and sisters. Backing this film is a chance to say 'yes to love' for all people. You can go and visit Sarah's Kickstarter page ... AND / OR take a look at the flyer above. Sarah is doing a live web broadcast interview this Sunday the 15th... So you could tune in and find out more... But here's the general juice: If you believe we are all stronger when diverse voices are heard or if you just love the idea of getting behind a great, unique film with a kick ass story - get a fiver out and give it to this woman... #twicetribe

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