Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Home Sweet Home Tour: We've Got A National Telly Interview...

Right. Tomorrow (Wednesday 10th September), along with Freedom Studio's  Home Sweet Home cast members Jean and Florence, I'm going to be on BBC Breakfast* talking about the up coming tour of our age defying, immersive, multi sensory, magic realist adventure which is all about the journey we take as we get older... No, you read that right. The UK's national BBC morning telly programme... Yep. I know! I'm quite nervous. I'm not really that into being on the telly. Not because I don't have secret pretensions toward grandeur. Of course I do. I write plays. But my secret pretensions are all theatrey and filmy pretensions, poppet! The idea of national telly and my big nose being on it, in the morning, when I'm still half asleep and it's live, so there won't be a chance to edit out any of the bits where i get muddled?  That feels like quite an ordeal. EVEN SO (or if you're cruel because of this?!) please watch if you can. 1 because Florence (one of our elders in the community cast) is SO INCREDIBLE that it will brighten your day. 2 because between Jean, Florence and me, are going to be talking about Home Sweet Home, a play that I would love you to see. It's going on tour. It's coming to Bradford, London and Stockton. Very soon! I mean super soon! Seats are super limited because of how it's staged. We only have 60 seats on offer per show.  And this play? It means a ton to me. So far, it may be the best thing I've had a hand in creating. Though that's not really for me to judge. But lets not start getting all philosophical now, for gods sake. Now is the time for tits and teeth, darling. TITS AND TEETH (but not the side where the funny gap/fang thing is going on, please TV gods. If you can sort that for me that would be ace). Onward.

* I don't know what time we'll be on.

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