Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Starting A New Project - Ideas gathering for '15 Minutes Live 2'

Yesterday I went to Leeds Town Hall, to start thinking about a new 15 Minutes Live piece that I'm writing for Slung Low.

I love these Lions and their weather beaten faces. Big giant loves.

Yesterday I was mostly hanging around outside the Town Hall, watching people coming and going...  Later in the week I'm going to go inside and get a tour to find out all the secrets of the place...

Anyway, another thing I love about the steps of the town hall are all the bits of tat left over from weddings. I love a wedding. Call me old fashioned, but when you see people setting out, in the face of all the statistics and all the gubbins of life, to be together forever that makes me very happy.

A final picture from the day at Leeds Town Hall: A cheeky pigeon. I like Pigeon's. I don't understand why people let their kids run at them and try and kick them. They are plucky, they never give up and sometimes they have a lovely multicoloured sheen in their feathers. For all those reasons I think the Pigeon should be our national animal emblem. Not that I'm into nationalism. But if we have to have a national animal emblem I'd prefer a Pigeon to a Bull Dog.

It's funny how hanging around a place starts to give you ideas.  I can't say that I've come away from yesterday with a clear sense of the story I want to write for my piece, but I have got a sense of a vibe or tone.  I think the story is going to be a bit sad but a bit romantic too.  I came away feeling a bit warm but with a tinge of melancholy.

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